Help with your résumé and job interview skills.

  • Some people have never written a résumé or cover letter. Some have never interviewed for a job. We understand. We’ll help you personalize your résumé and cover letter. We’ll help you practice interviewing (called “mock interviews” which take place in person or using a webcam for online students). Need advice on how to dress for an interview? No problem. We can help you decide. MCAT offers guidance that can help you be more successful in your job hunt.

Matching you with specific employment opportunities.

  • Our Student Services Coordinator focuses on helping our graduates find jobs. In fact, we have a relationship with many employers in the metropolitan area. Many employers give us feedback about what they want in an employee and tell us about employment opportunities. This information helps our team match individual students to specific employment opportunities which can lead to interviews.

Your student success team.

  • After you graduate and when you start working in a new position in your career field, your first few weeks at work can be an exciting time. It can also take a little while to get used to a new work environment, daily tasks and responsibilities. As a MCAT graduate, you’ll have a team assigned to you to offer support during this period.

Continued career services after you graduate.

  • Even after you become a MCAT graduate, you’ll enjoy the continued support of career services to help you find additional employment opportunities.