Certified Patient Care Technician

Our Patient Care Technician (PCT) training program will prepare the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)/Geriatric Nursing Assistant (GNA) to perform delegated nursing functions that requires a higher level of technical ability and skills needed in the hospital setting. Our PCT’s work directly with doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals providing direct patient care. They perform tasks, that include; but, are not limited to: EKG lead placement, IV starts & discontinuation, foley and ostomy care, venipuncture and specimen collection, point-of-care glucose monitoring, urinary catheterization, tracheostomy care, incentive spirometry, nasogastric tube care, dry dressing wound care, vital signs, and urinary intake & output. The training course is composed of 10 week modules. Each student receives ten (10) weeks of vigorous classroom and hands-on skill training, and two (2) weeks of Clinical, totally 260 clock hours. Upon completion of the program, each student will receive a certificate and also be eligible to take the National Certification through National Healthcareer Association (NHA). In addition to the required 260 clock hours needed for their certification, the students will also complete 80 hours of Life Skills training. Life Skills training is a very critical part of assisting one to manage their everyday life. MCAT recognizes that importance and incorporates Life Skills in every training module. Life Skills training is designed to assist students to make the transition to further their education, training and employment opportunities. The training includes: Self-Awareness, Time-Management, Overcoming Barriers, Dress-for-Success, Budget Management, Problem Solving, and Critical Thinking.